Frequently Asked Questions

What are robomarts?
Robomarts are contactless mobile stores that you can hail on-demand.
What is store-hailing?
Store-hailing is a new way to shop and the fastest way to get goods right at home.
How is store-hailing different from delivery?
With delivery apps you waste time creating a basket, waiting for a delivery window, and relying on someone else to pick your goods. With store-hailing you're calling the store to you in minutes and shopping right at your doorstep.
How do you track my purchases?
Our proprietary checkout-free system uses sensors and cameras to track all products that are taken out of the robomart in real time. No need to scan products or swipe your credit card.
How do you ensure I'm only charged for what I take?
Customers cannot mistakenly swipe goods as we automatically track everything taken from the robomart. For even further protection, we have a suite of cameras that serve as a deterrent and allow us to record and report any unforeseen incidents.
What products do you sell?
We have launched with two robomart types available to hail - the Pharmacy Robomart, which comes to you stocked with a full selection of medicines, toiletries, personal care items and household goods, and the Snacks Robomart which comes to you stocked with a full selection of candies, chocolates, cookies, chips and drinks. You can see the full product list in the app. We ensure the highest quality goods and in the future we will launch the Grocery Robomart and expand our offerings with more robomart types.
How do you ensure product quality?
Robomarts are temperature controlled to ensure product quality and are equipped with a suite of cameras that monitor inventory throughout the day. All products are pre-packaged for safety and robomarts come back to the restocking center several times a day which ensures that products are never out for long.
Will the driver provide support?
No, your entire shopping experience is automated and contactless. The robomart driver is not available for support. Please use the helpline chat in the app for support.
I have accessibility needs, how will I shop?
One of our missions at robomart is to create the most accessible way to shop. If you anticipate difficulty in being able to shop independently, please let us know through the support chat in the app and we will ensure that an associate will be available to support your shopping engagement.
Do you charge a delivery fee and are tips required?
We charge a small hailing fee when you request a robomart, but you never need to pay a tip. Your entire experience is automated from start to finish.